The Average Cost of A Halloween Costume and Where To Purchase
10th October 2014
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What is the average cost of a Halloween costume?

Halloween is one of the most favoured events throughout the year and we can all admit that we like to dress up for it! So how much does a costume cost on average? From our research the prices vary from children’s costumes to adults, see the results.

Children’s Halloween Costumes (Aged 5-17)

Depending on what shop you purchase the costume from the average cost for of a full outfit is around £10 to £30 depending on the amount of detail your child wishes to have. However in saying this make sure you look out for special offers! Sometimes the outfit is sold as a set with a Halloween kit, for example face paints, hair/face glitter, stickers and an accessory (broom). These offers are often found at your local supermarket or popular ‘dress up’ shops.

Adult’s Halloween Costumes (18+)

We use the kids as an excuse to dress up at Halloween and you know it! You may not want to dress up as much as the kids though… so masks and ‘laid back outfits and masks’ can be relatively easy to find in your local supermarket store, trustworthy online shops and specialized dress up shops. These items shouldn’t cost a fortune and the average cost is around £10-£45 for an adult. It will cost extra if you wish to purchase other Halloween accessories such as specialized face makeup.

Where Can I Buy A Halloween Costume?

Not sure where to purchase one from? See our list below of the local shops that sell Halloween costumes in your area (Poole/Bournemouth/Christchurch).

1) ‘Fun Fancy Dress Ltd’: (Poole)

2) ‘Peeks Fancy Dress’: (Christchurch)

3) ‘Fancy That’: (Bournemouth)

4) ‘Hollywood Fancy Dress Costumes’: (Bournemouth, near Castlepoint)

Renting an Outfit

If you don’t like the idea of spending a fortune on outfits that you know are going to be worn once or are going to be outgrown then why not rent a few? This can sometimes be cheaper than purchasing a Halloween ‘costume package’. You can even get some of your money back in some cases; for example if you return the outfit and have kept it/them in good condition after the evening. You are then reassured that you can spend the rest of the evening in an outfit that can be returned and not binned! The only case that we would not recommend renting an outfit is if you know that it will be prone to damage (small children/certain activities). Take a peek at the local shops (listed below) that rent out Halloween costumes.

1) ‘Hollywood Fancy Dress Costumes’: (Bournemouth Town Centre and a shop near Castlepoint)

2) ‘Fancy That’: (Bournemouth – plenty of choice for general Halloween costumes to purchase however limited choice for hired costumes; mainly mascots instead of Halloween costumes).

We hope that this information has been useful and that you have a spooktacular Halloween!

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