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They are a great proactive team always ready to help my business, Thank you.
They are great - experts in marketing that really work hard at what they do.
Everywhere I go, they are there, which means my business can only benefit from the exposure from thebestof Bolton.
David, Gaynor and Grant are ideally placed to run thebestof Bolton as they are both knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. Great work.
They offer a fantastic range of services to readily help local businesses - David is very enthusiastic and an asset to the company.
They help us collect feedback from our service users and promote our events and fundraising activities in the local area.
Their training is excellent. thebestof Bolton have really helped my business and they are always helping others.
thebestof Bolton have very helpful and friendly staff. Always working hard for others. Thank you.
I love them because they raise awareness. There's many working channels to be used - helps you think outside the box.
David is constantly working on behalf of local businesses, ensuring everyone is maximising their opportunities.
David is a professional knitter; he knits businesses together that will work well.
It was lovely meeting you too today. I have learnt so much more about Twitter and what makes 'good' content. Today was a very useful session. It has been a great learning curve for me and I am pleased to say that I am now in full control of Thornton & Lowe's Twitter Account!
A big thank you from Scott and myself for the 'Getting The Most Out Of My Membership' session you provided us with.
I just wanted to congratulate you both on your Best Connectors Award – it’s a fantastic achievement and very well deserved. I’m so pleased for you. You both really deserve the recognition, not only for being so fantastic to your clients and for all your achievements, but also for the help and support that you always willingly give to your colleagues. I really do appreciate all the help and inspiration you give me.
Now I know one of the reasons why you got your award for 'Best Connector' (Not that I didn't know you were already!) Thank you for the Congrats card received this morning - really nice surprise and BIG smiley face here - Thank you Very thoughtful and obviously I will be telling people about it! Well done on your own award - truly deserved!
Having now attended two excellent networking events organised by the Best of Bolton, Orbis Solicitors have been very impressed by the dynamic and innovative way in which David, Gaynor and the team not only organise and oversee the events but the way in which they make great efforts to ensure that all members and guests feel included, and also by introducing people, who can then discuss business opportunities and make friends. Orbis has successfully obtained and provided business at these two events and so I am happy to confirm that the Best of Bolton really does achieve the goals its sets out to, with considerable success and I would happily recommend membership to any Bolton business. – Mark Nolan, Head of Employment law, Orbis Solicitors
We have been Best Of Bolton members since March 2011 and although we know we have not used the benefits to their full potential we are delighted to be members and know that David and Gaynor work very hard to raise our business profile at every opportunity around Bolton and go the extra mile to keep us informed about things they think we should know about or be involved in, including support for my daughter who is an aspiring singer. We recently attended the ‘How To Get The Most From Your Membership’ presentation after meeting with David in an attempt to make more of our membership and really increase our marketing effort. The event gave us a real boost and has inspired us to work closer with The Best Of Bolton, now better knowing the extent of the services offered and the number of local people our message will reach. Lubna Alam-Orths True Dentistry
David and Gaynor Ramsden work tirelessly to promote businesses in Bolton and deserve huge recognition for the role they play in supporting Best of Bolton members. They provide crucial support for small businesses, providing back-up and championing our cause, and providing businesses with a much needed voice. From a personal perspective, THE Chinese Buffet would like to personally thankDavid and Gaynor for the hard work and determination in doing exactly what they said they would do, not only supporting our events which have included Chinese New Year, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee but bringing potential new customers through their own networking events. We have regularly seen 50-70 businesses represented and enjoying all The Chinese Buffet has to offer. Finally of course we were proud to be recognised as the most loved business in the UK during the 14daysoflove. Gaynor and David worked hard along with our staff to make that happen and the outcome was a great accolade for the business and recognition for our hard working staff. Paolo Hu, THE Chinese Buffet
I would like to take the opportunity to say what a fabulous concept “The Best of Bolton” is, albeit in very temporary in the end I did enjoy the personalised web page you built for me, and understand how the social media involved can be invaluable. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to use the services again in the future. I honestly believe that you and David really do care about your customers.
Having been a member of thebestof bolton for over 15months, both myself and a senior partner from AFG LAW attended their 'getting the most from your membership session'. It was a great opportunity to meet other members, revisit the products and services offered by thebestof bolton and served to remind us how we can use our membership more effectively. It was great to see how many people our message can potentially reach and the importance of the things they ask us to do such as collecting testimonials, attend networking events and keep them up to date with any news from our business. The session was only 1.5 hours, well put together and informative and we feel it was well worth the investment of time to focus on growing our business. We congratulate David and Gaynor on giving their members added value to their membership - it is rare to find organisations who takes the time to do this.
I have been a member of the 'best of Bolton' for six months. The help and support I have received from David and Gaynor has been a fundamental part in the success and development of my business. Positive suggestions and day to day support have been invaluable. Not only have they helped me but they have also given similar support to my team who are perhaps not as experienced in networking. I cannot ever envisage a time when Northstar Capital Consultancy and 'the Best of Bolton' will not be business partners and business friends. Thank you. John Sullivan Director Northstar Capital Consultancy
Gaynor is one of the most positive people you will come across. I have worked with several “thebestof” franchisees over the years and she is truly committed to her members at thebestof Bolton. Gaynor is also a networking guru – both on and offline! Whatever you need, she will probably know someone who can help you. Working with Gaynor is always a pleasure and she works hard to make meaningful introductions between her contacts
We have found Gaynor and David Ramsden to be a team whom work tirelessly to help, and to promote local businesses. Sometimes we have wondered about The Best of Bolton, and questioned if this platform is right for us. The answer though is that it's right for anyone who want's to change and improve their business, after all if you don't change anything, things will stay the same. Since joining The Best of Bolton, and with all the help and advice we have recieved from Gaynor and David, we believe that we have learned a lot, and we have, as a result, changed a lot, and all for the better. Our business has definately benefited from our association with David and Gaynor and we would not hesitate to recommend their services
thebestof Bolton is an excellent forum to gain knowledge, and also to share some too.
The 'database' event is the first one I have been to, as we are relatively new members, and I thought it was excellent. I shall be attending as many as I possibly can from now on.
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