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Thank you for delivering such an insightful workshop! It was both engaging and informative in a easy way and I look forward to sharing what I learnt with my colleagues. I have already started implementing some of the advice shared so today's workshop is already benefiting Zac's Youth Bars. Thanks so much to thebestof Bolton for setting this up
The workshop delivered was of great use to the business I work for Alliance Learning. We are currently in the process of revamping our website and the tips we picked up towards the development of this were of great use. All round another fantastic workshop Thanks so much for organising it!
I would like to say how much I enjoyed yesterdays event and I found all three sections very informative. As we discussed my company is now established and at a stage where we are looking to raise the profile of the company name in a big way to push us to the next step. I am fully aware that social media is going to be a big part of that, and what Chris, Julie and Paul had to say really did stress that it is imperative. Therefore I may be calling on any of them in the near future to utilise their services. Thanks so much to thebestof Bolton for organising this as part of our membership
What a useful workshop that was! If you run a business and you’ve ever had any doubts about the necessity or importance of a good quality website, then you need to speak to these guys! Julie, Chris and Paul are clearly very knowledgeable in each of their lines of work and they delivered a very informative and useful presentation. Thanks for organising it as part of our membership.
It was great to catch up with you and David again yesterday at the workshop at St. Catherine’s. Many thanks for organising it and for inviting me. All the presenters all gave freely of their knowledge to share tips and expertise giving insights into how to work more effectively in the age of digital communication. As ever, I come away with a list of things to do that will improve what I am doing.
Many thanks for the very information workshop this afternoon. I think it is very easy to think that as a business we have things in hand but following the presentations today it is a reminder that websites are an on-going piece of work and with the competition strong for many businesses this work is not something that can be put on the back burner. Julie, Chris and Paul had clearly put a great deal into their presentation and it showed as they all kept me interested through to the end! No easy task! I will be taking forward a lot of what they said today with Matt to see how we can improve out ranking and stay ahead of the game. Once again a big thank you to them for a great workshop...and of course to David and Gaynor from thebestof Bolton too for organising this as part of our membership.
David, Gaynor, Ellie and the rest of the team @ TheBestOf Bolton have once again boosted our online presence by making us aware of a new facebook feature allowing our customer reviews to be viewed within our facebook page. They went a step further than just telling us about it by sending us the link to help set it all up at NO COST to us. Superb service once again, cheers guys !!
We have been members of this close knit group for approximately 12 months now. In this relatively short space of time we have made numerous new contacts, we have been contracted to work for several fellow members and we have also managed to set up a couple of working relationships with fellow members. David, Gaynor and the rest of their team are great, they are always available for a chat and they are constantly promoting ours, and everyone else's businesses to their many contacts & followers. This is way more than just "advertising" and we are delighted to be part of it !!
I recently joined the ranks of the Best of Bolton and would like to thank David, Gaynor and all the team for the positive energy and support for my business! I especially enjoyed being part of the Big Bolton Expo... bear in mind that being a photographer I exhibit often and I must say the Best of Bolton expo totally exceeded my expectations. The event was very well organised with so many visitors it was a great opportunity to showcase my work to wider audience and build new contacts. I recommend any local business to get involved!
I have been a member of The Best of Bolton since November 14 and the impact it has had on my business has been incredible. I have created so many business links and gained new customers through the group and it is great to have people like David and Gaynor on hand to support my business. I cannot rate The Best of Bolton highly enough - A serious no brainer for Bolton Businesses!
Only been a member a few weeks but what a team! Looking forward to the future!
Excellent motivational business. Really makes a difference to your positive montra and business state of mind. Very helpful, friendly and supportive in all you do.
If you want help and support for your local business, these are the people to do business with! The positive attitude and constant stream of ideas, meetings and encouragement give The Best of Bolton team the edge over their competitors. I cannot thank them enough for the help that they have given to me.
I have been a member of thebestof bolton for 3 years now and they are fab! i love our membership the bits that we love the most are - monthly marketing clinic, billboard ads, women in business monthly meetings, constant social media training and support... the list goes on! David and Gaynor have become good friends as well as business associates. Keep up the good work guys
Many thanks to David and Gaynor for their support . . . we have been with The Best of Bolton now for about 3 years and I have to say I am astounded at the level of support we have had! From seminars to one to ones the about of information passed to us is just amazing. I suppose we all (at times) think we are just too busy with the day to say running of our companies to deal with the marketing etc but it is often something that is pushed to the back of our 'to do' list. However we have recently had a one to one with David and Gaynor and it has refocused us on how much we need to start planning ahead for 2015 . . . so much to do!!
We have members of The Best of Bolton only for nine months, but during this time, the support given by David, Gaynor and the rest of the team has been fantastic. The events they hold have always been professionally run and good fun to attend. They have introduced us to a number of local companies, some of who have become regular clients. It's great to be a BoB member!
I have to say I'm delighted with TBOB I really feel like we belong to something special and can't wait to see what the future brings for us all.
David and Gaynor of the Best of Bolton have been an enormous help in not only promoting my business, but also providing loads of information and advice on developing my marketing strategy. Their networking events have also been really useful in meeting other businesses and making some great contacts. Thank you.
Homestart Bolton have recently become members of best of bolton and found the new members event to be invaluable for lots of tips and good ideas on making best use of our membership
Gaynor is an absolute force of nature, I have known her for many years and I love her "very very determined can do attitude" but in getting things done she motivates and empowers others. BofB are an amazing team and they support the charitable sector - we benefit from their knowledge and expertise. Thank you very much for making us part of the group. I know they are focussed on improving business growth amongst other things but their work helps our homeless clients!
Gaynor and David do a great job putting together networking events and showed me how to improve our profile locally by using social media
We have been members of The Best of Bolton for a couple of years. During that time, the support given by David, Gaynor and their team has been absolutely phenomenal. Their passion for us their members is unbelievable, the events always professional run (and good fun to attend). They are both brilliant connectors, and have introduced us to a number of local companies, many of who have become loyal clients of ours. So, thank you David and Gaynor - you are thebest!
As part of 'The Best of Bolton' team (and we ARE a team!), I cannot thank Gaynor and David enough for the constant support and encouragement that they offer. Keep up the good work and don't ever stop smiling! :D
A company that truly cares and wants to see new local businesses grow. I have had 2 recommendations of business from Gaynor and as a result undertaken the job. As a new business and being self employed in this climate is a very daunting experience but one that the best of Bolton help to support you. Thank you so much for your support x
We have been working with Gaynor and David for several years now and they have always been very supportive- listening to our problems and providing us with lots of positive ideas to help us move on
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