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Kinec Studio are your local design agency who provide a wide range of digital & design services for local businesses.

Graphic Design

Kinec Studio take pride in producing exceptional design work for all their clients it is not just about creating something that looks stunning.

We believe beautiful graphic design is one of the key elements to your online and offline marketing, something which your customer cannot take their eyes off, something which sticks in their minds inspiring your customers to take action.

Graphic Design can be produced and created in many forms from typography, photography and illustration

Kinec Studio is your one stop shop for all graphic design. We work with a range of business with some of our clients knowing exactly what they require to those who may not have a creative side and require us to bring your brand/idea to life. 

We also provide monthly unlimited design packages where we are just like your very own designer in house at your beck and call. 

Web Design

Having a website is one of the most important parts of marketing without one would be like going to a networking event naked. 

A website is one of the first things most of your prospects will visit. 

Be it an e-commerce website to sell your products/services or just an information website to tell people more about what you do we can help. 

We offer one off prices or monthly packages so there is no need to worry about a big upfront cost.


Marketing & Advertising

Both marketing & advertising your company are two of the most fundamental parts of your business. Without them how would your customers know or hear of you? 

Have you ever played guess the logo or guess the brand? There are so many brands we all know and would recognise in an instant. That is what we want to achieve for you. We work with our customers on getting their brand out there in your target customers minds via many different form of advertising & marketing.

A few to name:

- Digital Billboards

- Vehicle Advertising

- Lumpy Mail with bright coloured envelopes and squishy feet inside we are literally getting you a foot through the door. 

Social Media Management & Marketing

Just as important as your website is to your marketing so is your social media accounts. We have worked with many businesses who generate 95% of their income just via Facebook & Instagram. 

We know how important it is to regularly interact with your audience and again keep reminding them you are there. This doesn't have to always be sales type posts sometimes just some light humour or a share of something interesting is also key. 


Although we do understand how timely this can become and sometimes it turns into a full time role in the business keeping up with social media, this is where we can jump in and help. With our graphic design service we can produce the designs of your posts in various formats such as images, videos, GIFs, post this to your platforms and even respond back to any messages & comments you will receive.