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AspinFM is a family-owned and operated facilities management company with over 70 years of collective industry experience. They take great pride in offering bespoke services that are tailored to each client’s needs and delivered by highly trained personnel, all with transparent pricing.

Facilities management is a complex field that requires extensive knowledge, and AspinFM are passionate about using their expertise and proven systems to provide their clients with a seamless and straightforward service.  Their goal is to allow their clients to focus on running and growing their businesses while they take care of their facilities management needs.

AspinFM provide environmentally conscious commercial cleaning services done the proper way.  Their offerings include facilities management services and commercial cleaning available in Manchester, Lancashire, and Cheshire. 


AspinFM make this promise to you:


AspinFM ensure all their employees receive comprehensive training to deliver the service you need.


AspinFM understand each company has unique requirements, which is why their commercial cleaning service and extras, such as quarterly deep cleans are customised according to your needs.


AspinFM believe in being transparent with both their clients and operatives.  Their tailored schedules and audits ensure everyone is aware of the task and progress, so you can be confident that they deliver what they have promised. 


What makes AspinFM stand out?

AspinFM stands out for several reasons.

First and foremost, they prioritise the environment and are actively working to reduce their carbon footprint using eco-friendly chemicals and cordless equipment.

Additionally, they provide tailored schedules and check sheets to ensure transparency and understanding for both clients and employees.

Their attendance tracking system promotes punctuality and safety, while monthly audits ensure accountability and prompt issue resolution.

Commercial Cleaning

AspinFM provides a wide range of commercial cleaning services across the North West, catering to a diverse set of clients. Recognising the uniqueness of each client, they offer customised services to meet their specific requirements.

AspinFM places a high priority on health and safety and carries out a comprehensive risk assessment at every site, adhering to COSHH regulations to guarantee the safety of both their employees and yours.

Their services include office cleaning, builders cleans, school/educational cleaning, commercial end-of-tenancy cleans, as well as leisure/hospitality cleaning.

Medical Cleaning

AspinFm recognises the significance of medical cleaning, from routine cleaning to thorough sanitation of services, touchpoints, and any other areas that may pose a risk to vulnerable patients. 

To ensure that their staff members are fulfilling your exact demands, AspinFM conducts regular audits, whether you’re present or not.

Their medical cleaning services include GP surgeries, dentist surgeries, and opticians.


Sustaining Eco-consciousness

AspinFM are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment by reducing their carbon footprint.  To achieve this, they are taking the following steps:

Switching to eco-friendly and dosed cleaning products that reduce single-use plastic.

Incorporating equipment made from recycled materials and using vacuums that operate at a lower wattage.

Purchasing supplies from local sources to minimise emissions.

As AspinFM expand, their commitment to environmental responsibility is growing with them. 

Contact AspinFM on 0161 543 3436 to get a free quote today!

AspinFM Limited

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