Return of the Bognor Birdman?
28th August 2009
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Return of the Bognor Birdman??

If what I have just seen on The Bognor Birdman website is correct, then it seems we could be getting our world famous annual event back in Bognor Regis - its rightful home!

Could it be possible for us to celebrate its 30th anniversary in Bognor Regis from when it was first staged here in 1978?

Apparently, tests have been carried out which determined that the depth of water will now be safe for the event to return back here to its spiritual home. (Let’s hope they are right for everyone’s sake!!)

The dates that have been chosen are Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th September 2010, which will help extend our tourist season, and add a significant event to our town calendar.

The event has been held at Worthing for two years, due to fears for the safety of the brave fliers, after the length of Bognor Pier was reduced. Worthing grasped the opportunity to take the event over and, to be fair, have done a good job. Mind you, from what I understand, there was pretty strong backing from Worthing Council, West Sussex County Council (why not for Bognor?), and the focus of a town manager to draw the best support possible from Worthing hotels and businesses for the project. It would be great to see such local endeavour here, to give it wings of success!

Let us hope this Bognor tradition returns to our sunny shores, and it goes from strength to strength. Something tells me however that Worthing will not give it up without a fight!!!

If you have taken part in the competition in the past, or have a view on the Bognor Birdman, please use the comment box below.


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