Just got back from a week over there
10th August 2009
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Just got back from a great week’s holiday in Honfleur, in Normandy, France.

With lovely old buildings clustered around the historic harbour, the town is full of character. Museums, churches, narrow streets, half-timbered buildings, and, wait for it, close to 130 restaurants, in a town with a population one eighth of the Bognor Regis area!

The plan was for a lazy break, reading, sipping coffees and snacking around the harbour, watching the world, well a small bit of it, go by. In practice, as so often is the case, we soon got the itch to look around.

A visit to the famous Normandy beaches, steeped in military history, the famous Pegasus Bridge – the site of the beginning of the end of WW2, and deeply humbling; and about an hour away, the magical Monet Garden with the Japanese Bridge, helped to sate our desire to find a little more about our wider surroundings.

Closer to base, and what a base it was – a quaint old studio, with four poster bed, and nestled in a narrow, cobbled lane, seconds away from the quay – there were other Norman conquests to make. The eccentric Eric Sate museum, the wooden St Catherine’s Church made by local boat builders (no wonder it looks like a turned over boat inside!) in the 15th century, the old maritime museum, the Garden of Personalities, and of course, those restaurants!

The week was more quietly tapered off, with peaceful reading, in the knowledge that we knew a little more about our surroundings.

A week I would recommend to anyone. The good news is, it is open to anyone in Bognor Regis. Just look on The Best of Bognor Regis here, and you have the key to a magical week away. A romantic week. An eating, drinking self indulgence. Or a base of discovery of the Normandy area. Take your pick. And just a few hours away, via the Portsmouth ferry.

Now back to work!!

P.S. Check it out now, as I see there is a special low price now on offer.


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