Bogchester anyone?
12th August 2009
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Bogchester anyone??


I received in my email box a few days ago an email about the concerns many people in Bognor Regis have, over the proposed huge development which will bring over 2,000 new houses to the area close to Chalcraft Lane.


Claims that the homes were “eco” have been challenged by The Bognor Civic Society, a long-established group with interests of the town at heart, as well as the statement that the homes would be “affordable”. Concreting over large tracts of currently productive farming land is hardly “eco” friendly, and it certainly will not help potential flooding problems.


What is certain is that thousands of new homes will bring thousands of extra cars, to the already busy Bognor Regis roads, affecting all of us who live and/or do business here. The trip in and out of the town on the A259 is certainly not going to get any easier, and the A29 at Aldingbourne already has it’s problems.


Further, building on the outskirts of Bognor Regis will erode the space between ourselves and Chichester. Frankly, we do not want to become, as someone respected recently said to me, Bogchester!


If you have view on this (and if you care about our town you should do!), it is possible to lodge your objection to this development with Arun District Council by clicking the link

  1. once there, type the reference number BE/72/09 into the search form. (Do not worry about the other boxes there)
  2. when the next window appears, click the same highlighted reference number in the far left-hand column
  3. in the next window click on the “Comment on this application” at the top, which will bring the comment box up for you to add your feelings?


You do not have much time. The closing date is Thursday 27th August. If you have done that, then let everyone else know about this information, and get them to pass it on. Bognor is our town, and we need to let Arun know how we feel.


 If you have any strong sentiments on this, please feel free to add your comments to the bottom of this blog. The more discussions about local matters, the better.



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