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22nd January 2010
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Are you good at taking photographs? Do you waste great photo opportunities because you are not prepared? Do you get everyone posed for you, and then take a picture which cuts off half their heads, or lacks balance?

This week I met photographer John Donabie, a business member on The Best of Bognor Regis, and we were talking about photography in general - how he manages to take such great quality photos, and always seems to get the best out of every occasion. John is always easy to talk to, and makes it sound so simple.

Have you got loads of photos you have taken with your digital camera or camera over Christmas, and wonder what is the best way to save them for future reference, or display? How many of us have hundreds of pictures of family, friends, and special events on our computers and have no real system for keeping them in order?

Good news for you if you want to improve your photography skills and techniques, or the way you manage your pictures. John Donabie has agreed to do a regular blog for The Best of Bognor Regis explaining some basics to make you a better photographer yourself, and pass on some of the tricks he uses himself. John, who as well as being a successful professional photographer, runs regular photography courses, and is ideally qualified to help, so watch out for his blogs!




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