Why pruning your tree is important
18th June 2015
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There are many benefits to having trees pruned and maintained. One of the most important reasons why trees should be pruned is that it helps with safety. If branches are left to die they can easily fall off and cause harm and damage to people, cars and power lines etc. The safe removal of tree limbs will prevent any damaged ones coming down in inclement weather and potentially causing great damage to whatever is near the tree.

As well as being a matter of safety, pruning can also be a good method of training a tree. This is particularly useful if you need it to grow in a certain configuration. Regular care and attention is also better for the tree as it helps keep the tree healthy and any limbs that are dying or decaying can be removed before they become a potential problem. Pruning will also help ensure that the tree has a good weight distribution which will be beneficial to the tree in the long run.

Aesthetics could also be a reason for having a tree pruned as this process will tidy the tree up as well as being a method of training the tree to grow in the desired way. The natural character of the tree will come out more with pruning and flower production will increase as a result of having some branches removed as it will help to renew the growth of the tree.

When pruning, it is highly important that you only do so in late autumn or winter when the tree is dormant as this will result in the least harm to the tree. No matter when you prune, the tree will be damaged but the harm will be minimised during the dormant season when minimum sap will be lost and the risk of insect damage to the pruned areas is at its lowest.

It’s also important that you don’t go overboard when pruning. Never take off more than a quarter of the crown of the tree as this is where the most leaves will be found and thus where the majority of the tree’s energy will come from. Taking any more than one quarter will mean you run the risk of fatally damaging the tree if too much is pruned too quickly.

Pruning a tree is something that can be done by yourself but it is safer to have someone come in and do it for you, especially if the tree is large. A specialist tree surgeon will have all of the equipment to ensure that the pruning or removal of dead branches is done safely.

If you need a tree pruning or have dead/dying branches removed then get in contact with GWB Horticulture to keep your trees in tip top condition.

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