What does a tree surgeon do?
22nd October 2014
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A job of a tree surgeon, also called an arborist, is all about the care, maintenance and even planting of trees. This is a highly specialised role with dedicated training and equipment being required.

Arborists who specialise in the planting of trees ensure that the tree is planted in conditions in which it will survive and that it has received the correct care and maintenance prior to planting to best ensure that it will not only survive but thrive in its setting.

Qualified Tree Surgeons will always have the specialist equipment required to enable them to safely scale trees in order to carry out maintenance. This might be the removal of dead limbs or to prune a tree that has grown too tall. They are also able to completely remove a tree that has died, has become unsafe or that has suffered injury or has fallen due to inclement weather. Once the tree has been removed or pruned, the surgeon should be able to chip the wood, if required, so that it can be easily removed and disposed of.

Tree surgeons can also be invaluable if you have a tree that is struggling. They have the ability to climb the tree and discover which branches are causing strain and remove them to ensure that the tree can enjoy as long a life as possible. Care can also be provided in the form of bolts and wires, especially for new trees (care early on means that the tree is less likely to need care later in life) or trees that have suffered injury.

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