What does a Private Investigator mean to you?
9th January 2011
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Private eye, spy, Magnum?! Whilst it sounds like a service found on the big screen private investigation is an everyday, professional and discrete service that more and more people turn to when they have a problem which needs resolving. We are blessed in Bishop’s Stortford to have one of the best on our doorstep. Heather Nesbitt Ltd has more than 100 years of combined investigative experience and provides discreet, experienced and professional private investigation services to barristers, solicitors, public bodies, local councils, companies and individuals.

So what does Heather and her team investigate? They are willing to discuss anything you need investigating but examples include:

-       Lawyer and counsel support;

-       Process serving (money saving packages for solicitors);

-       Matrimonial investigations;

-       Professional statements;

-       Small Claims Court assistance

-       Corporate services include: claims investigations, mystery shopping

Not only does the team have a vast history of successful, solved cases – just read their testimonials - but you can rest assured they will handle your case discretely and sensitively to ensure you have the true facts you need to move on. Not only that, should the team not get results then they offer your money back. So don’t lose sleep on a hunch, contact Heather Nesbitt today.








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