What connects White Hart Lane, Bishop’s Stortford and Stansted Airport? A dog called Diesel.
10th March 2010
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Following the recent tragic deaths of young children and the rise in the number of so-called 'status dogs' used to intimidate or threaten, plans to crackdown on dangerous dogs were unveiled earlier this week. In addition, it is suggested that all dogs are to be micro-chipped and a compulsory 3rd party insurance will be introduced, so victims of dog attacks are fairly compensated for any trauma and injury.

Most responsible dog owners already micro-chip their dogs, in case the dog is lost or stolen.  And it does work - as ‘Diesel’, the dog who, in an attempt to find his owner, caught  two different trains from White Hart Lane to Stansted Airport, possibly overnighting at Bishop’s Stortford, will attest. He was eventually reunited with his owner after his microchip was read by animal wardens.

Anyway my controversial suggestion is this:ask those who stand to benefit financially from all this micro-chipping and new insurance policies (microchip manufacturers, database holders, vets and insurance companies)  to contribute some of their increased revenue, to provide funds to neuter stray dogs and cats passing through rehoming centres in the UK. Almost 108,000 stray dogs were found over the 12 months to March 2009, an increase of 11 per cent, as the recession led to more animals being dumped. Many of these animals  in rescue centres will be re-homed, but the unwanted will not all will be so lucky - 9000 dogs passing through Local Authority pounds last year were destroyed.  Surely a scheme of compulsory neutering of these animals before rehoming would go some way to ending this misery.

These proposed new laws might  be a means of raising the much-needed funds to allow such a scheme to work.

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