Video is a powerful selling tool!
31st May 2010
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The case is overwhelming. Video is a powerful selling tool you can't ignore

Video is a medium you should be using or, if not already, planning to use in the near future.

Web video for promotion is increasingly popular. Quite simply we like to look at videos - so half the job of promotion to your customers is already done. They add a personal touch to the task of connecting with customers and prospects.

Well executed videos can grab attention, demonstrate, entertain and involve faster than other media. Studies have shown that people prefer to watch a video rather than read about your company.

If you don't believe me look at YouTube ... which has over 1 billion hits per day - a staggering 41,666,667 an hour and increasing.

People will actively click on a video to find out what they need to know. There is more active engagement via web video. According to the BIA Kelsey Group, clicks for information after watching a video increase by 30-40% and phone enquiries by 16-20%. Studies have shown that video speeds up buying decisions by 72% when compared to print.

New search algorithms weigh video heavily, so it is an excellent way to improve your relevance in search results.

A sane business person cannot ignore video. Your video doesn't need to be overslick but needs to illustrate your integrity as a business person and be of reasonable quality. Really poor quality video, with a poor script will do your business more harm than good.

This week will see the first videos uploaded to the Best of Bishop's Stortford site. Short videos to showcase your company are easy and economical to produce. If you are interested in producing a video for your feature drop me a lineAll videos will automatically be uploaded to YouTube - a great way to reach and audience who may not have found you otherwise.

Watch this space for tips on how to shoot good quality videos.


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