To AV or AV not……
4th May 2011
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Tomorrow, the 5th May, you the voters will get the opportunity to decide if you want to replace the existing ‘first-past-the-post’ system in favour of the alternative vote system by way of a referendum on the Westminster voting system. So should we AV or AV not?


To AV…..

Those who believe the alternative vote system is fairer consider that:


- Your next MP would have to aim to get more than 50% of the vote to be sure of winning. At present they can be handed power with just one vote in three.  They’ll need to work harder to win - and keep - your support.

- Ranking candidates gives you more say - in who comes first and who comes last. If your favourite doesn’t win, you can still have a say. It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

- Too many MPs have their ‘safe seats’ for life. Force complacent politicians to sit up and listen, and reach out to the communities they seek to represent.


The yes brigade believes that AV keeps what works with our current system, and eliminates many of its weaknesses as a long overdue upgrade to make a 19th century system fit for the politics of the 21st century. They feel our parliament will better represent our communities. MPs will have to have a better view of what your community thinks - and that's because they will have to listen harder to your views. 

It’s simple. If someone wants to represent your community they need the votes of the majority of the community. That’s what making every vote count really means.


Click here to find out more about the ‘yes!’ campaign.


To AV not…..

Those who are firmly in the ‘no to av’ camp argue that:


- The change to AV will cost up to an additional £250 million. Local councils would have to waste money on costly electronic vote counting machines and expensive voter education campaigns. With ordinary families facing tough times can we really afford to spend a quarter of a billion pounds of taxpayers' money bringing in a new voting system?

- The winner should be the candidate that comes first, but under AV the candidate who comes second or third can actually be elected. That’s why it is used by just three countries in the world – Fiji, Australia and Papua New Guinea. Voters should decide who the best candidate is, not the voting system.

- AV leads to more hung parliaments, backroom deals and broken promises like the Lib Dem tuition fees U-turn. Instead of the voters choosing the government, politicians would hold power. Under AV, the only vote that really counts is Nick Clegg's.


For more information on the No2AV campaign click here.


For more information on the AV referendum and your vote visit About My Vote.

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