Stand up and be counted...your town needs you!
17th March 2011
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...or sit down, lie down or swing from a lampshade?! Whichever way you choose to complete it, make sure you fill in your 2011 Census form either on or offline this 27th March.


Why should I complete it?

In a nutshell if you care about local services around Bishop’s Stortford then the census is important. The results of the 2011 Census will directly affect people in your community as the information gathered will be used to plan a wide range of public services, including:

  • Schools: for children growing up now and in the future
  • Social housing: for families who need an affordable place to live
  • Transport: to and from work, and for going out and about in the area
  • Healthcare: facilities that everyone can access easily
  • Training: for people who want to learn new skills

The more that is known about the people in your community, the better our local authority can understand and meet our needs.

Click here to find out more, or to request a form should you not have received one yet.


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