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5th October 2012
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The colder months are almost upon us, but don't think that means you can forget all about your garden until spring!

In order to ensure that your garden makes it through the winter, Mark Stradling from Mark's Garden Services has provided us with a range of hints and tips:


Check your fences for broken posts and have them repaired. Do not wait for them to break your other posts or panels.

Lawn Care

Weed and feed your lawn. It has had a hard time recently and deserves a little TLC.

Hedge Trimming/Reductions

Trim your hedges and if you want them reduced, now is the time. 

Tree Pruning

As with hedge cutting, your trees need pruning from time to time, and again, autumn is the time to do it. 

Fruit trees are pruned in either January or February.

Shrub Pruning

Your shrubs will also need pruning to keep the shape that you want them to have, so make sure you do it in the next couple of weeks to ensure they look as good as possible over the coming months.

Winter Protection

Protect your delicate plants and shrubs in your borders from winter freezing by wrapping them up or simply by just moving the planted pot closer to your house and then wrapping them up.

Mark’s Garden Services

Don't have the time, skill or inclination to sort the garden out for winter?

Covering Bishop's Stortford and the surroinding villages, Mark’s Garden Services will expertly and professionally carry out all of the above garden work for you.

You can schedule a free garden visit with Mark and he will give you a free garden quote for all of your work to be carried out over the next few months.

Call Mark on 01279 271 439 or send him an email.

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