Marketing genius: The Combi Crush case study
2nd November 2012
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There are certain elements of a marketing campaign that make it effective and memorable. The Combi Crush campaign by Bosch combines a number of these to great effect. 

Firstly, it uses the power of customer testimonials to prove the quality of their product. Secondly, it makes excellent use of video and the power of YouTube to make it authentic and viral. Thirdly, it uses humour which appeals to everyone and makes it memorable. The premise is simple. They let 80 tradesmen use their Combi drill instead of their usual one over a 2 week period. The tradesmen could then decide if they wanted to keep the Combi tool - in which case their old one would be crushed. Literally put in a crusher and destroyed!

The result was that 90% were happy to keep the Bosch tool - despite shedding the odd tear as their trusty old drill was crushed. The brilliance of this campaign was capturing everything on film. You can see the campaign at - and be sure to watch the 3 minute video to really understand how powerful this campaign is. I think there's many lessons that local businesses can learn from this when thinking about your next marketing campaign.

The importance of letting your customers do the selling for you. The power of video. And doing something quirky to stand out from the crowd. Stuck for ideas? Give us a call and we'll be happy to help. Speak to Ian on 01279 216 379. The Best of Bishop's Stortford and Saffron Walden uses the power of word of mouth marketing to help local businesses. We are not associated with Bosch or the Combi Crush campaign. For more information about how your business can benefit from our service, click here.

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