It's raining cats and dogs
10th November 2009
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 I walk my two dogs daily, they won’t let me miss a day in fact I’m convinced they keep count. Around Bishop’s Stortford there are some wonderful  and varied walks. One of the main advantages of living in and around Bishop’s Stortford is the wonderful countryside on our doorstep. Many visitors to the region comment on how varied and picturesque the countryside is, however  it rains a lot in England! And with the rain comes mud and grime, the Winter is a great leveller and you cannot tell your dogs to keep clean – you can try but they don’t listen and they end up looking like a dogs dinner. There comes a time when the only solution is to get your dog washed and trimmed to stop all the mud and grime being deposited around your house.

We all worry about how our dogs are handled and how nice they will look once they’ve been cut. We search high and low to find dog and cat groomers who really care. Angela Caley and her team at Mutts in Newtown Road , Bishop’s Stortford (click here to find out more) are a hidden gem, they really care about how your dogs and cats feel  taking  time to make sure your pet is transformed from muddy scruff to a beautiful dog or cat but more importantly that they enjoy the experience!

With Christmas coming make sure you book early as Angela and her team are bound to be busy.

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