Have you bought into the power of the testimonial?
11th June 2012
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As business owners, we strive to be the best – to provide the best products; offer the best advice; give the best price... and in turn, make a good profit and walk away at the end of the day satisfied with our efforts.


Yet how are can we expect our potential customers to buy into our products or services without being aware that we have a good reputation? Why should anyone choose us over others without proof that we are the right option?


Testimonials are an incredibly simple yet effective way to demonstrate our reputation amongst our clients. Ask yourself; if you were looking for a pest control specialist in Bishop’s Stortford, would you buy from a company with no recommendations or one with a wealth of testimonials, such as:


“I have used Prokill twice now and was really impressed with their service. They were fast, efficient and really friendly. I will definitely use them again. Thank You.”


Or if you’re in need of the expertise of a local graphic designer, wouldn’t you be tempted to use a business that has the following reputation?


“Tony was the lead designer at Right Angle Design that worked on our re-branding and marketing project. This was particularly important as the business had previously suffered a poor reputation and it was therefore, essential as new owners, that the business image reflected our own standards of value and quality of service.


“During the design process Tony worked hard to understand our marketplace and specific business needs and produced a package of materials that certainly helped us change the image and reputation of the business. This is obviously an experienced and mature design consultancy that can provide expertise in a number of areas and did assist our business in its development. It was a pleasure to work with Tony and I am looking forward to working with him again.”


Testimonials really do work – here at thebestof Bishop’s Stortford we have seen firsthand that businesses with lots of recommendations get more business than those that don’t. It only takes a few minutes to call or email current or past customers to ask for a few words about the experience they had.


Alternatively, why not point them to thebestof Bishop’s Stortford's website, where they can add their positive comments direct?

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