GWB Horticulture recycling to make the UK millions!
8th January 2016
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How do GWB Horticultre do this?

In order to save the UK millions, GWB Horticulture recycle all materials whenever possible. For example, they’ll re-use timber which is chopped and shaved down to the bark to supply for seasonal firewood. By doing this it guarantees that they will have an ongoing supply until spring comes.

The wood which is not suitable for re-use is chipped and collected by Stobart Energy and taken to Sembcorp Power Station which helps generate the UK’s electricity, something GWB Horticulture are very proud of. This week alone they have had 27 tonnes of woodchip collected, saving tonnes of waste from landfill, and helping the UK to save money.

10% offer not to be missed

Expert gardening company GWB Horticulture, can help you obtain a tidy neat garden throughout the year. Their currently offering 10% off a two-man Garden tidy. In this offer, two gardeners are made available for an eight hour day, and the price includes all machinery and labour costs, and up to one van load of waste removal. Services provided will include all ground based clearing, weeding, pruning, tidying and general gardening.

Tidying the garden now means you’ll be able to make the most of the growing season when Spring arrives. 

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