Does your garden need an overhaul?
28th January 2015
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Is your garden looking a little dated? Are you getting bored looking out on the same old paving, decking or lawn with no interest in it? Well, if that’s the case then you need a landscape gardener or two.

If you want something a little different for your outdoor space then you will want someone to come to your house, look over your garden, talk through your ideas, draw up how everything will look after its transformation and set up a plan of action. For all of this to happen you need to hire a company who regularly deals with landscape gardening projects. Companies who do this regularly will have a good feel for what works best in your garden and will be able to help with the best design, source the right materials that fall within your budget and will be able to do the whole installation without outsourcing any part of the project or you having to deal with multiple contractors who refuse to talk to each other.

It won’t matter whether you simply want everything putting down to lawn or paving, have a mix of both, fences adding or raised beds creating then all this will be able to be done within the one company.

When it comes to choosing companies you want to be making sure that you will get what you pay for so ask around, see if anyone has any recommendations to offer you. Get quotes from at least 3 different landscape gardeners and chose the one that you feel most comfortable with – don’t necessarily go with the cheapest as they may not be offering the best value for money and the cost may be deceiving.

Ask for references and examples of completed work so you can gauge how good you think the company will be. If they’ve been going a while but can’t provide many examples of the work, be wary as this could well be a sign to keep clear and, whilst references may be glowing (they won’t pass over negative feedback!), don't take them at face value.  Wherever possible, make contact with past customers to get their feedback directly.

So, if your garden needs an overhaul then why not contact GWB Horticulture and see how they can transform you outdoor space!

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