Brush down your dog’s ‘summer outfit ’ as warmer weather makes an appearance (at last!)
19th April 2010
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Is your dog or cat looking a little moth-eaten after the  long winter months? Do their coats need de-tangling?

When you own a dog you sign up to keeping him or her groomed not just for looks, but a dog actually needs a certain amount of grooming to be healthy. The amount of time you need to spend varies with the breed and hair type of your dog.  Most dogs enjoy being brushed and the frequency will depend  on whether you dog has long or short hair.  You may find you need to brush your dog more frequently during the season when hair loss is greatest. Experienced  professional groomers can give you advice and help on bathing your dog, nail trimming, ear care and where necessary hair cutting and trimming.

With summer  temperatures  around the corner why not visit Angela and her team at Mutts Animal Beauty Centre  who are well known locally for their expert knowledge and gentle sympathetic handling of dogs and cats. Book up now to get your dog or cat detangled at Mutts. New customers can take advantage of £10 off their first appointment.

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