Advice for this Halloween in Bishop Stortford
20th October 2015
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Halloween is now bigger than ever, with children up and down the country keen to take part in Trick or Treating, and how can blame them!  Dressing up in spooky costumes, face painting, roaming the streets as it gets dark and, best of all, the hope of having a pile of sweets at the end of the night!

To ensure that everyone has a good night, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that parents should bear in mind this Halloween:


  • Stick to your own neighbourhood.  Call on houses where you know the occupant or where there is a pumpkin or some other sort of dressing by the door to indicate that Trick or Treaters are welcome.
  • Respect other people’s decisions.  Keep an eye out for homes displaying a ‘No Callers’ poster or specific ‘No Trick or Treaters’ poster
  • Be safe when crossing the road.  Visit all the homes on one side of the street before swapping to the other side.
  • Be seen, be safe.  Remember that spooky costumes are usually very dark and not easily seen by road users.  Ensure children carry a torch or wear something reflective


  • Cut through alleys or un-lit areas.  Keep to well-lit roads and stay close to home.
  • Let children enter someone’s home.  If the homeowner needs to retrieve treats from a back room, make sure that the children do not follow them into the house.
  • Let children ruin anyone’s garden.  Keep to paths and driveways to ensure no one treads on someone’s prized plants!
  • Let children forget their manners.  Ensure children say thank-you for the treats they receive, remember that someone has spent their hard-earned cash on them.

Halloween can provide a wonder evening of innocent, spooky fun for everyone involved; just remember to stay safe, stay bright (so that you are easily seen in the dark), stay within the law and, most of all, enjoy yourselves.



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