A Gardening Gift Day for a special person!
1st March 2016
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Gardening Gift Days with GWB Horticulture

Do you have anybody that means a lot to you, who you think needs some work doing on their garden? GWB Horticulture are offering a Gardening Gift Day where they will carry out work on the lucky persons garden that you have chosen, to their usual high standards. This would be the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and any other special occasions.

Here’s how GWB Horticulture’s Gardening Gift Day will work:

  1. Give GWB Horticulture a call or email to find out a price for supplying the gardening gift day to that special someone. The price will depend upon location and the number of people the work will require.

  2. Pay a deposit via cheque or Paypal to receive a well presented gift voucher that will be sent to you or the recipient of your lovely surprise.

  3. When the special Gardening Gift Day arrives, GWB Horticulture can liaise with the buyer and turn up as a surprise, or set a suitable date with the lucky person.

  4. GWB will turn up on the date that was agreed with the tools necessary and carry out the work that will be done to the usual high standards. It wouldn’t be a surprise for GWB to give a small gift on arrival.

  5. Once the work is completed, GWB will send an invoice for the final amount to the buyer.

Contact GWB Horticulture today to book a Gardening Gift Day for somebody who you believe deserves it! 

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