Bournbrook Fire Station
Bristol Road, Bournbrook, Birmingham, B5 7SN
Central Fire Station
Lancaster Circus Queensway, Birmingham, B4 7DE
Hay Mills Fire Station
Speedwell Road, Hay Mills, Birmingham, B25 8HH
Highgate Fire Station
Moseley Road, Highgate, Birmingham, B12 0DP
Kings Norton Fire Station
Pershore Road South, Kings Norton, Birmingham, B30 3EH
Ladywood Fire Station
Icknield Port Road, Ladywood, Birmingham, B16 0RA
Northfield Fire Station
South Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2RB
Sheldon Fire Station
Garrets Green Lane, Sheldon, Birmingham, B33 0SE
West Midlands Fire and Rescue Centre
Erdington Fire Station, Orphanage Road, Erdington, Birmingham,
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