What's Happening On Fireworks Night?
29th October 2010
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Billericay Has Got All The Fireworks!


I've been looking for Fireworks events in Billericay to put on the site and to see my options for Fireworks Night. So far I have found Billericay Round Table is holding a Fireworks display in Lake Meadows, they have been planning it all year long so it should be a spectacular night! The night attracts up to 18,000 people each year! That explains why when I looked for other Firework events I could not, for the life of me, find any! The first 3 pages of Google were filled with this event; I decided to give up when it started linking me to last years and the year before that! I looked in the papers and magazines, nope! I think Billericay Round Table officially has ALL the Fireworks. It is meant to be an amazing evening for everyone. Click here to get more information on Billericay Round Table's Fireworks Event.


If anyone knows of anymore firework events that will be happening in the Billericay area let me know!


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