Stick To Your Diet AND Have Professionally Catered Food, You Have To Be Joking!
14th October 2010
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What a Menu!


How ever much we try not to think about it, Christmas is nearly here. All the restaurants are putting out their Christmas offers, decorations are being made and you’re starting to wonder where you’re going to get that magical tree that looks after all your presents at night. That’s not all that goes through your mind though. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's thinking how am I going to fit into that gorgeous Christmas outfit after all the sweets and roasts and goodness know what else! So like many others I've started to watch what I eat, this can be hard when everyone wants to go out for meals and have their party's and weddings. Sometime's i think about not going just because I don't want to risk my diet! My friend is going to be hosting an evening for everyone soon and like always there will be ton's of food, when she told me about it she saw the look on my face and asked if I would like to organize the food. First of all I thought what difference will that make? Nevertheless I took on the responsibility and got on the internet. I could have given up after the first one that was basically on the same scale as McDonalds but without the fruit bags! That was until I found Lambourne Caterers! Their salad menu was actually longer than some of the others! They had fruit desserts and even let out some of their secret recipes for people to have a go at. Their site was full of delightful testimonials which, if I was them, I would be very proud of. They do a variety of occasions and focus around you instead of the normal take it or leave it attitude! I can't wait to tell my friends that i have found the perfect caterer as they were all worried the event would end up with just a bowl of lettuce on the table but instead there is food for all (and I will defiantly be taking some credit for this). Click here to have a look at all the different menus and even have a go yourself!




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