Social Media in your Business
14th October 2010
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How Has Social Media Affected Your Business?

Social media has been around for quite a while now and it’s time businesses started to use it. Social media is now becoming more and more important in business. It may have already affected your business and you didn’t even know about it, as it is always hard to see the way the world is progressing if you don’t stop and think about it. Well here I will explain exactly how social media has affected your business.

Social Media Explained

Although many people are using social media there are very few who could explain what it is and even fewer that know the extent of what social media really can provide. Social media is the new way in which people are communicating, advertising and building relationships, within business and society. Social media encourages contributions and feedback from everyone who is interested in your business. It blurs the line between media and audience. It also encourages the sharing of information good or bad. Essentially, social media incorporates the online technology and methods through which people can share content, personal opinions, swap different perspectives and insights into world issues and generally discuss the evolution of media in itself.

Social media is making the world a more human place, within business, friends and family.

Social Media and Business

When I say social media is making the world more human you may wonder how that affects your business. Well it’s quite simple really. A person looking for a business may follow you on Twitter or search for your fan page on Facebook. When adding your company to their friends list they do not want things popping up every few seconds advertising, they want humanity. It has now been proven that people are more likely to pay attention when you advertise using social media when you have shown your human side within your status, blogs, and Twitter feed. This builds a trust and shows to the consumer that they are not just giving their money to an uncaring business it’s going to another human being just like themselves. When dealing with a business for a consumer it can feel like they are dealing with a machine not people. Also because of social media if a customer has something to say about your business it can be spread to hundreds of people with a click of a button, so you need to make sure it’s not bad! Customer service is now more important than ever! But if there is a bad comment you can also see it straight away and reply to it personally and publicly quicker than ever before. If it wasn’t for this many of these customers would never voice their options leaving you with less customers and no idea why! Overall social media is becoming more and more important within the business and has already affected so many people and businesses.

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