Slipped Discs’ Brown Sugar are excited to be welcoming a new brand of pure juices
6th April 2011
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Slipped Discs’ Brown Sugar have extremely high standards in their coffee shop with freshly prepared hot snacks, pastries, sandwiches, teas and coffees.  They have now introduced Folkington’s Pure Juices. 

Folkington’s Pure Juices’ range are from selected late-harvested fruit varieties grown, pressed, squeezed and bottled locally in North East Spain exclusively for Folkington’s Juices.

The juices have been gently pasteurised before being bottled and vacuum sealed, allowing freshness, flavour and intensity to be maintained.


The juices are made from 100% pure juice (not from concentrated juice) and are free from all preservatives, additives, added sugar and sweetners.  Folkington’s tomato juice has a small amount of added natural salt and citric acid.

For more information on Folkington’s Pure Juices click here

For more information on Slipped Discs’ Brown Sugar click here.

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