Skips - Not Just For Rubbish
17th September 2013
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Yellow is the colour of daffodils, lemons, butter and sunshine and, yes, skips. The word 'skip' possibly derived from the Old English 'sceppe' basket or from Old Norse skeppa bushel', a bushel box being a box used to transport large quantities of dried produce.

Wander down any street in any town and you're sure to see at least one of these ubiquitous items resting open mouthed on someone's driveway. Or even more menacingly, on the road itself, where it's impossible to walk by without casting a quick peek. Hmmm... Bathroom renovation? New kitchen? Or just a plain old garage clearout? You never know what interesting items you may spy. Could be a priceless treasure! Unwritten rule though, is no taking without asking.

Whether a squat little mini or monolithic 12 cubic yards, there are still items in an ever more environment conscious world, that cannot be just chucked in the skip - fridges and TVs, computer monitors and tyres, batteries and asbestos.

So while a trip to the local tip won't be completely avoided, the humble skip is always going to be in our streets and our lives.

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