Halloween's Here!
26th October 2010
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Barleylands Spooky Night!


Halloween is nearly here and everyone is wondering what they are going to be doing. If you’re like me you'll leave it to the last minute and end up sitting in all night as you can’t get tickets to go out! Well it's ok, go to Barleylands! They are having a spooky night with all sorts of fun. They are having a spooky walk so beware if you’re scared easily (like me)! Then there's a Ghosts Disco (if you see anyone taking up the dance floor dancing like a maniac then that’s me) where everyone can join in and party! Have a ride on the train of terror and join in with the ghastly games. There will be pumpkin soup and hog roast, unfortunately they are not permitted to sell blood for all the little vampires that will be joining in with the fun. Balloon Decor is going to come and have some fun with you too, they will be setting up a stall there with all sorts of goodies including glow sticks and light sabres so you can fight off all the demons! The more I’m writing the more scared I'm becoming! Have a look on balloon decors website by clicking here to see what else they have to offer. If you would like more details on Barleylands Spooky Night then click here to view the events page.


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