Bin It With Billericay Skip Hire!
18th October 2010
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All About Your Rubbish!


Christmas is coming! What a beautiful time of year, with the decorations on the tree and the perfectly wrapped presents waiting for you to open on that special day. But once it’s all done and over, as everyone will know, you are left with quite an amazing amount of rubbish! Over sized box's for little toys, bottle's that were once filled with a festive drink and wrappers from all the chocolates and other goodies we consume (and most wish we didn't the next day) at Christmas. So what do you do with it? You are guaranteed to walk out of your house the following week on dustbin day and see rubbish everywhere you look! Bag's overflowing, piled on top of each other outside people's houses, litter from the fox's and other creatures that like to have some fun and games with the rubbish you spent time bagging up (bless them ay). So what's the solution to stopping this wonderful time turning from the most beautiful and festive to a resentful choir?


Billericay Skip Hire is here to keep your happy day happy for the weeks to come. They have a range of skips all different sizes for your needs (there’s nothing worse that knocking out the little kids playing on their new bikes because your skip covers the pavement, I've found the parents are never best pleased!) and also can provide you with same day/next day delivery service. Click here if you would like to find out more about Billericay Skip Hire.


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