Billericay’s Palmer and Harris, More Than Just Interior Designers…
15th February 2011
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When you hear people talk about interior designers you automatically think money, well this is a very common misconception. Interior Designers are not just the easier way of giving your home a fresh lease of life but can, quite often, be the cheaper and more time efficient way. When an Interior Designer comes into your home they straight away see the potential, their mind is a playground, tell them some of your ideas and they know how to make your perfect house a reality. Palmer and Harris are an Interior Designer local to Billericay that wants’ not just to make your house your dream home but also help it get there without the nightmare’s of money trouble, this is why they will do just about everything for you. An example of this is if you’re looking for new furniture, they will look up what you want, find any deals or offers that are in or below your price range and make sure you get it before the offer ends! Not only that but they will do all the time keeping for you like arranging when the trade professionals are going to come round at an appropriate time for everyone and then making sure they are there at that time, if they are not they will do all the chasing up for you. They will also have regular meetings to make sure everyone is working as a team and together whatever their profession. They will take care of every aspect so you can sit back and watch the transformation of your home into perfection with a permanent smile on your face.


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