Billericay Physiotherapy Experts Launch Exclusive New Technique
25th November 2011
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For centuries, physiotherapy has been used to solve the root cause and symptoms of a host of painful and debilitating muscular conditions.

The popular treatment option, which originated in Ancient Greece, is continually evolving. Relatively recent advances, for example, have seen the introduction of a new technique which offers an additional treatment procedure for those with back, neck and general joint problems. 

The new technique, known as Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation (PIM), has been developed in Australia and requires special training. Only a small number of physiotherapists in the UK have been trained in the technique so far but Billericay residents needn’t worry about travelling the globe for the procedure as their local physiotherapy clinic is offering the service already. 

Billericay’s Axon Physiotherapy, run by qualified physiotherapists Annabelle Devereux Msc MCSP MHPC and Debbie Tomlinson MCSP MHPC, who both have over 20 years’ experience of physiotherapy in the NHS, industrial and private sector, has recently introduced the treatment in its clinic.

PIM is an innovative concept that involves mechanically-assisted joint mobilisation according to physiotherapy principles and is an effective substitute for many mobilising and manipulative procedures. A patent in respect of the PIM concept was issued by the Australian Government in 2010 and it has recently been accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Association as complying with their high standards of continuing professional development. 


This exciting new physiotherapy technique uses a tool to provide a precise joint mobilisation which is far safer than manipulation and usually as effective. The concept has been developed in response to the need for effective joint mobilisation without the risks sometimes associated with manipulation. 

Developed and patented by Corrimal Physiotherapy, this new approach has been taught since October 2009 to over 200 Australian and NZ postgraduate physios and is being taught internationally from 2011 onwards.  


Any patient who would like to experience the benefits of this new technique can call or visit Axon Physiotherapy to make an appointment. The clinic doesn’t charge any extra for the procedure as it’s all part of its treatment portfolio but it does offer the potential for a different pathway to getting better.

For more information call Axon Physiotherapy on 01277 625652 or click here


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