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25th June 2011
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Tidying up the showroom and reflecting on last night’s Showcase and Networking Event.  I think everyone who attended enjoyed themselves - the Woodcraft team certainly did - despite slightly lower than hoped-for numbers (Thursday nights seem popular for junior engagements as quite a few people would have liked to come but had regular commitments involving their children or, as the end of term approaches, logistical challenges with students returning from Uni or heading off for exciting summer activities).

After we'd all indulged in a little ‘networking’ and a lot of crisp consumption, Mursel gave a quick demonstration of hand-finishing wood. Eyebrows were raised (well, mine were) when he attacked the fresh oak floor of the showroom with a sharp chisel to show how damaged floors can be repaired! A wide range of audience questions were dealt with, from 'can you replace a single damaged board?' to the advantages of using solid wood rather than engineered board, dealing with underfloor heating and tips on maintenance and cleaning with a demonstration of the handy Spray Mop - we were pleased to be able to donate one of these as a prize for the charity raffle in aid of The Children's Trust.

The presence of our local artists and examples of their work gave an extra special quality to the evening and to the appearance of the showroom, temporarily transformed into a mini-gallery rather than a roomful of wood (which is very nice anyway, of course, but better appreciated with the contrast).

We'll be eating the strawberries and drinking the fruit juice for a few days yet, but we are pleased with how it went and  feel confident about doing it again.  There is no doubt that helpful information and relationships can come from events like this, but it is also good to just create  space at the end of the business day to 'chill out' a little with others in the same boat and appreciate  more what goes on in the town.

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Despite being surrounded by wood all day in the panel-lined showroom, I loved its natural, infinite variety and craftsman-manager Mursel knows how to bring out its best characteristics. I have moved on...

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