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30th April 2015
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Buying a house is a highly stressful process that culminates with you having to pack up every single last item from your house, garage and garden: wrapping up breakables, finding box after box, dismantling furniture and then unpacking, reassembling and unwrapping everything at the other end. There is a simple solution to help make the actual move as stress free as possible - hire a company to do it all for you!

By hiring a company to pack up your house for you, you can be sure that all of your possessions are in the safest of hands and are packaged to the highest of standards. This is especially useful if you’ve got children and don’t want to disrupt them until it is absolutely necessary, of if you’re on your own and would struggle with dismantling and moving the furniture. Often, hiring a company to do all of your packing for you is the quickest option for moving as it can be done in one or two days, compared to weeks if you did it yourself.

Furthermore, companies who offer this service are also likely to be able to store your belongings if there is a delay between you moving out of one property and moving into the next one. You would be able to take out everything you need for the interim period but know that all the bits you don’t need are kept safe, secure and free from damp until you are in a position where you can remove them from storage.

In the same vein, once you are able to move in to your new property, the company will have your furniture reassembled for you so you don’t have to struggle to do that, leaving you to settle in and unpack at your leisure. They may well even refund you for any boxes brought from them which you later return after use and they usually also offer insurance to cover any accidental damage whilst moving.

If you would like a company to take all the hassle and stress of packing up your house and helping you to get settled into your new place then why not get in contact with Burnham Warehouse Removals and Storage today and ask for you free quote.

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