Moving offices made easy!
3rd October 2016
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The Burnham Warehouse has been moving homes and offices for several years now and their satisfied customers keep on using their services because of their top quality service. Upon contacting the warehouse, they are the ones who are going to visit your office to better assess your needs. With this approach, you can expect the best service arranged just for you. They will also schedule when they’ll be starting to pack your equipment to avoid distraction to your business operations. What’s not to love?

Once everything is scheduled, they are going to start packing all of your equipment carefully and you can choose which kind do you prefer based on its quality and price. This way, it’ll be easier for you to work with any budget and still get the best. Usually, the Burnham Warehouse team can pack everything from one house in one whole day but since they’ll be moving an office it might take more than one day. You don’t have to worry though as they have already settled a schedule so the disturbance to your business will be kept to minimum or none at all.

Aside from carefully packing your things, they will document and take photos of every single equipment to assure you that everything will stay in perfect condition as they pack them. In addition to that, all of your things are insured to keep you protected from any damages that may incur during the move. Based on Burnham Warehouse Removals and Storage’s track record, not a single client claimed the insurance for nothing has ever been broken ever since!

The Burnham Warehouse team understands that moving offices can be lengthy process that’s why they offer not only moving your things but also storing them in a dry, spacious and cool storage area where it can be protected from outside forces that can cause damage. They extend their services from taking care of your things to giving you all the time you need for moving offices as they offer long- term storage services. So if you need a trusted office mover with a long proven track record, pick up the phone and call Burnham Warehouse Removals and Storage right now!

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