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10th August 2016
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While it’s fun to decorate our home with different home decors, art pieces, and different furniture, it will be a challenge when we have to decorate a small space. We don’t have the liberty to actually put all the things that we want as it will be impossible to move around your home without bumping onto one of the furniture.

Most of the people nowadays are opting for flat pack furniture to save money but sometimes it gets the better of us and decorating our home with these furniture takes time in assembling them again to put in our homes. One good thing is Burnham Warehouse Removals and Storage are helping not only in packing and moving our belongings, they can also help in installing and rebuilding furniture.

If you’re having problems in decorating your new space and placing your newly- moved furniture, you can check the list below to have some fresh and good ideas that can definitely help.

Instead of ceiling to floor walls, place low walls or curtains between your living room and kitchen

This trick will give an illusion of continuing space and the light will flow through and through the room. Also, you can put boxes and drawers under your chairs and sofas to store your bills, mails or books and magazines for your guests.

Use multi- purpose kitchen cabinets

Ceiling to floor kitchen cabinets will help you save space as you can store all of your kitchen tools, plates, utensils and other small appliances all in one place. By doing this, you’ll have more room to move around making it look spacious.

Opt for light colored paint

Light colored paints actually reflects light making the rooms bigger and introducing different- colored furniture and room decors will be much easier. The colors will blend easier because of the versatile base. Your artist friends will walk into your home and you can ask them, “who’s the artist now?”

Use every space of your home

Corners of room sometime go unused, collecting dust. To maximize this unused corner, you can put small racks along the wall and use it as your book shelves. It will also give you extra space beneath where you can put small pillows or cozy armchairs for your mini reading nook.

Add more mirrors around the home

This could be like a perfect setting for a horror movie but don’t be afraid. With the right paint and decoration, the mirror will reflect light in the right places making the room look bigger.

Use shelves instead of cabinets for bathroom

Installing shelves instead of cabinets will give you more floor space while drawers under the sink can store different cleaning materials making your bathroom clean without the eye sore of toilet brush lying around.

Shelves and drawers up and under your bed

What can we say? These shelves above your bed can double as your decorative or magazine stand while drawers under your bed can be your clothes drawer. You no longer have to put bulky closets inside your room and save the space for other things that can also be useful.


Use the space beneath the stairs

Sometimes, this place gets overlooked and left unused. To solve this, you can put mini shelves under it where you can store your shoes or bags and any other things that are usually used when going out like umbrellas or raincoats.

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