How to blog for your business
17th April 2011
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You might not plan to become a professional blogger and internet marketer, but your website needs a blog and you need to write for your blog. 

Here are five rules that will help you to make your blog a success.

Write a great headline

It’s the headline that catches the eye.  If your headline doesn’t attract attention, then the rest of your blog post won’t be read. 

When people read articles on the web, they’re looking for information.  It’s your job to give it to them.  Your headline must give a good indication of what’s to come.  Otherwise, people won’t take the time to read your work.

Write less

Most people write too much when they write online. A good rule of thumb is to write considerably less when you’re writing for your website.  Where you would be tempted to write 1000 words write 400 instead.

If your audience tends to surf the internet using a hand-held device, then you need to reduce your word count further.  Cut those 400 words down to 250.

Write simply

Avoid long sentences.  Avoid long paragraphs.  Avoid convoluted writing of any sort.  

It’s short words, short sentences and short paragraphs that will get your work read.

Break your prose up, too.

·        Use subheadings.

·        Use bullet points.

·        Use highlights.

·        Use images.

Write for scanners

No one seems to read anything these days.  This is especially so on the web. Assume that your reader will read your headline, your sub-headings, any highlighted text – and nothing more. 

Will your reader get a clear idea about what you want to say from these elements of your blog post alone?

Revise your work

Write, edit, review, amend and rewrite.  It’s good practice and it’s an approach that will help you to improve the quality of your online work.  


If you want other people to value your words, these rules will help to set you on the right road.  

Follow them and when your blog for your business you’ll be creating business assets that your customers will value.

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