Exercising in the Great Outdoors
7th July 2010
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Hello Everyone,

This is my first Blog on the Best of Beaconsfield!!  I own the local franchise 'Fit for a Princess'  We only launched in April this year and already the business is booming!!

As well as exercising outside all year round, our exercise philosophy is completely different to the usual boring reasons people do exercise!..we focus entirely on getting you fit while you have an incredible amount of fun!!...if it isn't fun, then why bother??  

Its like being a child again - you went out and played until you had to go home and have your tea!!..you were naturally as fit as a fiddle!!

So...why not come and give one of my Bootcamps or Outdoor workouts a try!..you may find yourself giving up that expensive gym membership!!  Next one starts on Monday!

Get started at home in the garden with:

Exercise for this week - Bench Step Ups

Stand in front of a bench - step up with your Right foot and then your Left, step down with your Right foot and then your Left. Do this for one Min and then switch legs (up with left)... 

Tip: step right into the middle of the bench - not on the edge!..do a pelvic floor each time you go up!

Would you like an exercise each week?? Look forward to your thoughts!


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