22nd June 2011
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Thoughts ahead of Showcase Event 23rd June


Excited about wood! Huh, really? But there’s something about it. We take the stuff for granted but usually can’t see it for the trees. It’s all around – furniture, fences, flooring, hidden in the structure of most of our houses or clearly visible in many of the Old Town’s buildings. The world’s been walking on it since time immemorial so we probably don’t think twice about it until we decide we need a new floor.

The choice of floor is now an integral part of our décor, as well as having to be functional – probably the most hard-working part of our built environment. Wood is natural, warm, resilient, comes (naturally) in a huge range of flavours and a bewildering array of finishes.

There is an awful lot of wood (and wood effect) flooring on the market, but Woodcraft Flooring takes a craftsman’s approach - hand-finished, sustainably-sourced, as well as offering a selection of well-known brands.

So why can I get excited about wood? Working amongst the samples and brochures and talking with manager Mursel, you’re aware of the infinite variety of grain, colour and texture. Every piece started as a tree, a living thing. The knowledge and understanding of different types of wood that Mursel brings to the business - how to select it, work it, lay and care for it - encourages respect for this seemingly common stuff.

Now come and see for yourself!
Our first-ever SHOWCASE AND NETWORKING EVENT takes place on THURSDAY 23RD JUNE – local businesses, our customers and anyone interested in learning about more about wood flooring, so do drop in between 5.30 and 7.30 to meet, chat and snack. There’s a short talk and demonstration at 6.00pm. You can also hear about the Children’s Trust charity and see examples of work by local artists and craftspeople who will be available in person.
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Despite being surrounded by wood all day in the panel-lined showroom, I loved its natural, infinite variety and craftsman-manager Mursel knows how to bring out its best characteristics. I have moved on...

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