Chalfont St Giles show was amazing what a great day
4th September 2010
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This is a show that is seriously worth going to. Please, everyone put it in your diaries for next year! The weather today was perfect as well so that was wonderful. I want to thank the organisers of the Chalfont St Giles Show for the immense amount of hard work they put in to bring this amazing day together in such a well ordered way. This is a show well worth exhibiting at, the plot map is clear, the instructions at the gate are clear, there are plenty of organisers around on the day to help you with anything and any questions you might have. Everyone is good humoured and there is a great atmosphere at this very busy and well attended show. The parking for exhibitors was decent and well thought out too. Full marks Chalfont St Giles Show, I'd love to come back and exhibit again next year and I am sure I am not the only one!

I have some special thank you's to some of my bestof members too, those of you who came along all deserve special thanks for explaining to lots of people just what it is like being a member of thebestof and for encouraging lots of show visitors to sign up on here with free public membership (see sign up tab, top right) so that they can recommend lots of the best local businesses to me!

Now a special thank you...thank you hugely to our newest member Nigel of Boutique Vintners LLP for his sterling help early this morning setting up the gazebo and the pitch! Nigel, you are a star! You were a great ambassador for thebestof today and I am absolutely sure there were hundreds of people who attended today who thoroughly enjoyed tasting and learning about the very special and unique wines you source from many small private vineyards. Your unique wine selection is truly for the enjoyment and appreciation of those who consider themselves to be among the more discerning connoisseurs. Anyone who wants to book a private tasting can find Nigel's feature on this website from next week. It is worth waiting for I can tell you and with Christmas only round the corner, well what are you waiting for? Please call my own contact number (select contact thebestof above) if you wish to get in touch with Nigel before his feature appears on the site next week. I will happily put you in touch with him.

Also thanks to Fit for a Princess for coming along and giving us some really fun demonstrations of all types of excercise movements and a flavour of their famous boot camp outdoor exercises! Boy, those ladies are fit. You too could look like them and be as supple as they are by signing up for the next Boot Camp, aptly titled 'Little Black Dress'! Find their feature on this site and read their testimonials...just click on A-Z of businesses at the top left hand corner of the homepage and find Fit For A Princess! Thanks girls, you were awesome.

Thank you to the rest of my stars who came out to strut their stuff today at the bestof show tent...kindly provided by bestof member Richard Hall of Savoir Faire, Marquee hire company and seriously awesome event manager! If you want a party package to end all party packages, a party where you can be a 'guest' at your own celebration and enjoy everything as much as all your guests because Richard has done all your organising, then look no further than Savoir Faire. Read his testimonials on this site...and the wedding packages he puts together, well they are truly beautiful and you will see just how much the people who have hired him in this capacity appreciate his enormous care and passion for detailed perfection on their behalf. Look up Savoir Faire in A-Z of businesses on here and feast your eyes on a myriad of fairytale photographs! Thank you Richard for the lovely Gazebo you lent to us for today. We really appreciated it.

The rest of my stars who attended and also deserve my heartfelt thanks are  Dorothy Johnson of Chalfont Kitchens and Bedrooms. Carol Cottrell of Onyx Interior Design, and Susan from Home Instead. What a pleasure it was to spend a few hours with each of you for company. Take a look at these smashing local businesses who are all featured on this website, they all have great testimonials from local people who have enjoyed the absolute best of service from them!

So, as I said, what a great day! But I'm not quite finished with my thank you's yet. Thank you to all the local people at the show, and there were lots of you, that I had the pleasure of speaking to. And also, thank you to your wonderful and amazingly polite and well mannered children. What a pleasure it was to see so many smiling faces and well behaved children who chatted so nicely...there should be a good few proud parents tonight I can tell you. Chalfont St Giles, I'm impressed and delighted to meet you!

Now then, last but absolutely by no means least, I have a great big huge thank you to say to Martin Vessey the Business Doctor (local to Chalfont St Giles) and a very valued business collegue of mine. Martin did me a tremendous favour by storing the Gazebo in his garage till this morning so that I could fit everything else I needed to bring today into my car! He very kindly got up very early this morning to lift it back into my car for me once I had dropped off the rest of my kit at the showground (he and his wife live nearby)and he was around this evening to lift it back out of my car for me and store it in his garage till I return it to Richard next week.

This is just typical of Martin, he constantly goes the extra mile to help businesses to get properly on track to reach the goals they really want to reach! This was such a big favour and kindness that he did for me and I cannot tell you how much I appreciated his help with this as logistically I just did not have enough space in my car for all I needed for today! As I said, Martin is a valued business collegue of mine and as such, if any business reading this feels in need of a helping hand to get back on track to reach the goals they really want to reach...please contact me here at the bestof and I will be delighted to put you in touch with Martin who is a most experienced business consultant who can be trusted to make an honest assessment of exactly what you need and develop a plan to enable you to get there! Thank you Martin, mine was a unique problem to be sure..but even that you went the extra mile for. Thank you so very very much...that's Martin Vessey - the Business Doctor- Chalfont St Giles!

And so, now tired but happy after a full and exciting day at the best event of the year...I say again, thank you people of Chalfont St was my pleasure to meet so many of you today!

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