Recruiting Talent Into Your Business
7th April 2011
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Recruiting Talent Into Your Business


Having the right person, in the right place, at the right time is crucial to the success of any business.


But before you incite your team to greatness, you have to hire them. Not just high-performing workers, but the right talent for your company. Recruiting the best has always been a timely and expensive undertaking. But, replacing a bad hire can cost your organisation even more; delivering a financial blow that averages 2.5 times the person’s salary. So how can you avoid the wasted time and expense associated with hiring employees who under perform, lack basic competence or simply don’t fit into your organisation.


Emma Summers, Managing Director of Juice Recruitment, believes that businesses should regularly refresh and sharpen their recruitment processes in order to capture the best talent in their industry.


Here are 5 tips from the expert:


Boost the overall quality of your recruits:

Spend time thinking about the type of person you want to recruit ‘ the individuals’ skills and experience is important however the soft qualities of an individual can mean the difference between good and great’ says Summers, ‘create a better job specification based on the profiles of your current star employees’. 


Always know who’s good in the marketplace:

‘Don’t just look for talent when there is a job requirement. Make it part of your recruitment strategy to always see people who impress on paper, ‘ says Summers. ‘ Knowing who is good in the market place provides you with a pool of talent to draw upon when the time is right.’


Do your homework:

‘Sourcing good candidates requires good research. Use social media networks like LinkedIn to research potential candidates and use your own network to recommend people. Using casual social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can give you an insight into an individual on a personal level,’ says Summers ‘ target candidates via social media sites - they will be flattered to be on your radar’.


Work with your recruitment consultancy as a true partner:

Work with your consultancy as a true partner to ensure you are being informed of exceptional candidates in the market place. This will allow you to capture talent and maximise on new business opportunities.  

By gaining a greater insight into the recruitment process, you will have the confidence that you are only recruiting the very best. 


Bring new employees up to speed quickly:

Ensure new recruits are quickly aligned with your organisational goals so they can begin contributing to the business’s success quickly.


For further information on recruiting talent into your business, call Emma Summers on 01225 447870, or visit

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