Mardan Removals & Storage 'cleans up' with new HGV
23rd September 2020
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Mardan Removals and Storage Ltd is a bespoke family run removals and storage company. It has a vision of being ‘green’, taking steps, both big and small, to limit its impact on the environment. Mardan strives to be sustainable, preserve natural resources and to minimise unnecessary waste.

Traditionally Mardan has taken small steps to overall reduce its environmental footprint, for example through recycling, where possible, onsite materials and waste. Mardan also offers to take customers’ unwanted goods to charities or recycling centres, thereby helping to reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfill. Moving to a new house can be a stressful time, and customers often feel they have limited time to ‘get organised’, so the offer to recycle or donate their unwanted goods is well received.

Daily Mardan uses environmentally friendly cleaning products and reuses water where possible, using this to water any customers’ plants being stored on site. The team have a shared passion for nature and the environment and enjoy feeding the diverse range of birds that visit the storage yard.

As a consumer, Mardan also strives to make choices that reduces its impact on the environment, for example using recycled paper for both packing and admin paperwork. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mardan employees would also reuse packing materials. When buying materials, Mardan buys in bulk, avoids single use items, and buys from local suppliers.

Reducing Mardan’s emissions is an important goal. To help achieve this Mardan has replaced their diesel vehicle used for quoting journeys with a small petrol car and when possible staff cycle to work.

Mardan’s biggest area for improving emissions was through the upgrading of its fleet of vehicles. Mardan’s vehicles are used daily so the cost to the environment had been relatively high compared to other areas within the business. Heavy goods vehicles are historically renowned for being ‘gas guzzlers’ and for contributing to carbon emissions. This, together with the introduction of Bath’s Clean Air Zone encouraged Mardan to look at ways of ‘cleaning up’ its fleet. Mardan has therefore invested in a Euro 6 category HGV, restricting diesel Nitrogen Oxide emissions. Mardan feel really proud of its new vehicle and look forward to being sign written.

To help continue to improve its sustainability and reduce its impact on the environment, Mardan has teamed up with ‘Proud to be Green’, a community of green-minded, green-acting businesses, proud to be leading the way to greening-up the UK’s business community. 

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