Editorial comment ref 'Looking for video makers' blog post of 25th April 2010
12th May 2010
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It was pointed out to me that my recent blog post calling for video makers to work for thebestofbath ignored the fact that we already had a 'recommended' video maker on the membership.
For clarity and integrity I'd like to say the following.  At thebestofbath we have represented Molly Films as video producers of the highest level and in my haste for writing my blog I did not refer to them, which I should have done for the sake of clarity. The service thebestofbath intends to set up regarding video is a basic video production service, a completely different level from the ex-BBC experience of Molly Films. As we all know, there are different levels of service you can buy into in most categories of business. thebestofbath features up to 6 businesses within any one category and before Molly Films was featured on the site we did make it clear to them, in writing and not in the small print, that we may set up our own in-house video service, which they accepted.

More information about Molly Films can be found here

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