An audience with a health Kinesiology and Reiki practitioner
7th June 2011
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Hi Rachel. So what do you love about Bath?

Pretty much everything! The way the evening sunlight sets the city on fire, the stunning views, fine coffeeshops and the bohemian mix of souls.

What do you hate about Bath?

I don't do hate, but the bus gate is rather a pain :-)

What’s going on in your business?

 Just moved to the new Weston Park premises and very excited about gorgeous location and new treatment room.

Who would be your dream client and why?

Someone who's tried everything but still can't get where they want to be, I'd love to help them to help themselves

Favourite Bath business?

GL(Green Lunches) Cafe in Weston village. Kate & Richard make a mean cappucino and gorgeous fresh food. They deliver fresh lunches to lots of Bath firms too so they're always busy but always have time for a chat and a smile!

Thanks Rachel. You've had some great feedback from your clients for your health kinesiology and Reiki treatments so hope your business continues to grow as it deserves to.

Health Kinesiology (HK) is a successful and growing complementary therapy that many people have reported has enabled them to recover their overall well-being.

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