A lesson from a business coach
10th January 2010
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One of thebestof business members phoned me on Friday. Out of the blue, nothing had been arranged. "How are things going with your business", he said..."what's the plan for this year?" It was Nigel Scott, an experienced, recommended business coach.

I told him what the plan was.

"That's exactly what you told me 4 months ago, but, to be upfront for a moment, what have you done about it?" said Nigel.

He had a very good point! It is putting things into action that really matters, not plans, and one's attitude is the most important factor in moving a business forward (alongside focussing on your clients' needs). I've made the growth of my business specific and Nigel is going to hold me to account over the next months.

What impresses me particularly about Nigel's attitude is the way he makes me feel he's on my side. An example of this was just before Christmas when he sent me a blank notebook that had been professionally customised with my name photoshopped into the image on the front, with a note from nigel encouraging me to write my new year business plans in it. A small gesture but thought provoking as well as reinforcing the relationship. Again, Friday's phone call also stood out because it was as unexpected gesture and therefore had more impact. I guess the moral of the story is that people are very impressed when a business offers them unexpected service levels beyond the norm, and they begin to talk about it, just as I am here. Word of mouth in action!


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