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5th November 2012
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Zest Lettings and Management have received excellent testimonials from both landlords and their tenants, as they particularly pride themselves on providing an outstanding service to both, which is not true of all Letting Agents. This blog post brings together comments from landlords. You can read all reviews, including those from tenants by clicking the ‘reviews’ button.


Justine P said about Zest Lettings & Management: “Brilliant! Many thanks Stacey! We both appreciate it so much! You and your team are, by far, the most efficient and helpful lettings agents I have ever dealt with. With kind regards, Justine”5/ 5stars

Andy G said about  Zest Lettings & Management: “Very helpful people. I used to find tenants myself. Zest Lettings does it so much better!”

Peter F said about Zest Lettings & Management: “Enthusiastic team, always there to help. Found the right tenant in just a few days. 5 Stars.”

Sally E said about Zest Lettings & Management: “From the moment I walked into the The Zest lettings and Management Company I was impressed with the professionalism of all the staff in the office. Their genuine interest in trying to help me was excellent and I was continually pleased with the level of knowledge of the lettings market shown by all the team, every phone call was answered immediately and I have never experienced such a quick response & call back, something that I have found particularly frustrating from other agents in the past. Glenn advised me on all aspects of the best way for me to make an investment into the rental market. Glenn's obvious investment knowledge and advice was invaluable to me and I feel very lucky to have had such sound advice - I am sure he went above and beyond in helping me with a purchase. The staff were even praised by a local estate agent & letting agent for their quick and knowledgeable responses to issues raised. I feel extremely confident leaving my property completely in their hands and knowing that it will be well looked after. I cannot recommend Glenn and his team highly enough and have no hesitation in doing so.”

Andrea R-D said about Zest Lettings & Management:  “We live in South Africa and are therefore doubly dependant on the reliability of our letting agent to manage the property in our absence. I am happy to say that Zest have proved themselves to be utterly reliable and willing to 'œgo that extra mile'. They deal with issues as they arise, promptly and efficiently and always report back to us, which is important. In other words, they communicate very well. I believe Zest charge more or less market, and I am happy to pay their charges. It would surely reduce their ability to provide a good service if they tried to compete on price. I thought they found us excellent tenants very quickly and certainly checked their references properly. Their management is excellent and I am happy to recommend them to any landlord.”




Jill and Neil R said about Zest Lettings & Management: 

“Zest have managed the letting of our property since we moved to Brisbane almost two years ago. We've had two sets of tenants during this time and have been extremely pleased with the professional way that everyone at Zest has dealt with our many questions and concerns as new landlords. Whether by phone or e-mail, the staff are always friendly and professional and problems have been dealt with quickly and to our absolute satisfaction. We returned to the UK for a visit in January and went to inspect the house. We were extremely happy to find everything so well cared for and to meet our tenants and find them to be happy in their dealings with Zest too. Living on the other side of the world, it's important for us to feel confident that our property is in safe hands. We find the service provided by Zest to be excellent value for money and have complete confidence in leaving our property under their capable management.”



Bonnie C said about Zest Lettings & Management: 

“ I've been really impressed by Zest. I've spent quite a lot of time myself being on the other end of Letting Agents as a tenant and I wish I'd had someone like Zest to deal with. I would want to ensure that my tenants didn't get a frustrating experience from their letting agent. I think Zest are quite balanced in looking after both Landlord and tenants. I like their approach, being friendly and professional. Zest have found us good tenants, we've been really pleased with their tenant finding. An example of the professionalism of Zest has come about when there was a difficult situation with our property in a block of flats. An unrelated flat had a problem which was blamed on our tenanted flat. Zest wanted to make sure they got to the bottom of it and they really cared how they were seen in the local community. It all ended in good circumstances and I think that said a lot about Zest's professional approach. Zest always communicate well and get back to me and actually I take that for granted. They have a good selection of workmen that they work with. If maintenance issues come up, because I'm not in Bath it's not easy for me to arrange for a tradesman to come around. I've found that the tradesmen Zest use have all done quite a good job, which reflects well on Zest. We've found that all the financial dealings with Zest run very smoothly. Overall no complaints 'a glowing reference from me!”



Alan B said about Zest Lettings & Management:  “I have always found Zest Lettings to be extremely helpful and professional. They are friendly and efficient, and do what they say they will do without prevarication. They always come across well and explain their plans, and are willing to listen to and act upon my comments/suggestions. I find them good value and I would have no problem in recommending them.”



Mrs H said about Zest Lettings & Management: 

“The telephone service was great, friendly and helpful and the swiftness in the accomplishment of the let was fantastic. Many thanks for your help.”




J B said about Zest Lettings & Management:  “I'm so grateful for the news that the new tenants are happy. I did my best but couldn't help wondering if all was well and it's so heartening to know that the things I left and set up for them were appreciated. Thank you for being so thoughtful as to let me know. You've kept my anxieties at bay. It's all gone so smoothly due to your approach and management. You're a star. Many thanks. ...I'm very happy for you to be able to pass on my comments to '˜Best of Bath'™, although I'd rather any contact was through yourselves rather than them have my e-mail or phone number if possible please. The accolade is well deserved for you and your team. Your office has single-handedly given the profession an image and performance makeover. Well done. So glad you've been selected.”

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