Worting House welcomes guests to their new Drop-In Zone
22nd February 2017
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As part of our commitment to delivering a fantastic service to both clients and visitors, Worting House is delighted to announce our new and fully refurbished Drop-In Zone.  Providing additional free ‘top-up’ desk space for clients just when needed, including a dedicated quiet ‘no phones’ zone for times when complete concentration is required.  It’s extra space at no cost, providing flexibility when the office is noisy, or everyone is in, or when a business simply needs an extra desk.

The Drop-In Zone provides workstations with telephones and Wi-Fi, all ready for immediate use.  Guests can also make use of the comfy armchair seating and a meeting room table and chairs, together with a printer and free coffee station.

The Quiet Zone next door again has great desks and comfy seating, where people can escape from the hustle and bustle, and concentrate quietly without any disruptions.

Both rooms are available 24 hours a day; free for everyone who has an office here at Worting House. It’s a great facility when extra staff or consultants are in the office, for customers or suppliers visiting, or when you just need more space.

We also welcome temporary and non-resident clients who can use these rooms, the telephone reception and mail handling, and our meeting rooms, all for a modest fee.  With packages to suit most budgets, we can tailor the services to what people need and intend to use – it’s very flexible, with safe and fast internet access included.

Damien Koziel, Director of The Alternative Board (Basingstoke & North Downs),   comments, “Worting House is by far the best meeting location that I use.  The staff make all the difference; they are always helpful and make sure all the arrangements are exactly what I asked for.  They are both efficient and friendly; making me feel welcome and helping me to ensure my meetings are effective.”

For more information about Worting House contact Julie or Helen on 01256 817640, email: juliekehoesmith@wortinghouse.co.uk or visit our website www.wortinghouse.co.uk

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